Creating images

and animations of the
impossible and the quirky.


by Pixel & Sons

We tell stories. Whether it’s an animation, a film, a still image, we create fiction you can believe.

Everyone likes a good story. We are surrounded by them all the time. Everything from the books we read and the movies we watch to the news on the television or gossip around the water cooler show our natural curiosity, our desire to be entertained.

A good story is something you share. It’s what we talk to our friends about. It’s the picture you share on Facebook, the tweet you type at 4am.  
We’re storytellers through sight, sound and sensation. Digital stylists of your brand or product. It’s our goal to make your story worth sharing by creating striking visuals that get people talking. To start a conversation.

It’s the story of our lives..

Let us tell yours.



Pixel & Sons is the newest addition to the Glass Canvas Group which comprises Glass Canvas  London and Sheffield.

Founded in 2001 by Andrew Goodeve, Glass Canvas has over sixteen years experience creating marketing material for the property market. 

Pixel & Sons expands the group’s offering, using the combined resources and experience in design and CGi to produce film, animation and images for the advertising and marketing sectors.



It starts with a conversation and always with the same simple question, ‘What if?’

Good design is nothing without a good concept and we work tirelessly to ensure that we exhaust all creative avenues. And, because we never stop asking that one simple question, we get not only the strongest ideas but also the best possible execution of those concepts.


Think bigger. Your marketing visuals can go far beyond photography.

Our production pipeline encompasses everything from 3D modelling, lighting and texturing to matte painting and photo retouching. Our experienced artists use every tool at their disposal to illustrate your ideas, augment reality and to create the impossible.



We don’t all have a Hollywood budget, but a film doesn’t have to cost the Earth.

We love everything about film and animation and we’ve discovered from watching other people that it’s not always as easy as we make it look. I guess we just speak the language. From casting and scriptwriting through to editing and post production, we’ve got you covered.