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For Swoon Editions, creating the thousands of images for their online store using traditional methods was becoming a logistical problem. With giants like IKEA turning to CGi for their imaging, Swoon Editions asked

Pixel & Sons to create virtual replicas of their new designs.

The benefits of using CGi to recreate the designs were obvious. It allowed for consistency and control

previously impossible to attain with shapes created and photographed globally. The images were created with meticulous attention to detail as they needed to blend in with the existing photography on the Swoon website.

It was decided early on that using material scans, which are perfect for close-ups, wouldn't give us the results we wanted over larger areas. All the materials were created using photography and traditional techniques. A major challenge was skirting the fine line between perfect renders and the small imperfections that were added to make make the images believable.

Pixel & Sons are a joy to work with, very thoughtful in their approach and with great attention to detail. The renders look brilliant and allow us to future proof our visual assets.

Josh Rushby - Head Of Photography, Swoon Editions


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